About Our Company

About Us
Nikshan Guppies is a leading online aquarium store especially guppies,
Shrimps, Platies etc in India. Here we provide high-quality fishes, foods,
accessories and other aquarium related supplies to everyone interested in
fish-keeping. We have an experience of more than four years in this
Our aim is to provide healthy aquarium fishes, plants and good quality
fish foods, Accessories to the hobbyists and breeders at a competitive
Apart from Guppies, we also deliver high quality fish foods, Platies,
Betta Fishes, Shrimps, Tetras, Lobster, aquarium accessories and much
more to major cities of India via reliable shipping methods.
Each product shipped from nikshanguppies goes through a quality check
to meet the expectations of the customers. Every consignment is packed
with utmost care to survive long travel hours and reach its destination
without any issue.
For all your aquarium needs, look no further than Nikshan guppies